Bairavaa aka Bhairava (2017) HD Images & Wallpapers – Vijay, Keerthy Suresh

Vijay 60 Images:

Ilayathalapahy Vijay‘s upcoming film Vijay 60 ( Bhairava aka Bairava )latest HD images, wallpapers, shooting spot stills, pictures, WhatsApp DP, Profile pics, and cover photos:

Here you can get lots of images about Vijay’s upcoming film. The film was being directed by Bharathan and produced by Vijaya Production. This film featured with Vijay, Keerthy Suresh, Daniel Balaji and more. There are some stills from the film were released on the internet. Those images are here. You can use these images with your WhatsApp DP, facebook profile picture and twitter cover photo and more. These are the exclusive mass images of Vijay 60 (Bhairava). Let’s find some cool collections.

Bhairava First look – 1st look Images:

Bhairava (1)

Bhairava (2)

Bhairava (3)

Pooja Stills, Images

Vijay 60 Images, Stills, Pictures, Wallpapers - Vijay, Keerthy Suresh and Team (1)

Vijay 60 Images, Stills, Pictures, Wallpapers - Vijay, Keerthy Suresh and Team (2)

Vijay 60 Images, Stills, Pictures, Wallpapers - Vijay, Keerthy Suresh and Team (3)

Vijay 60 Images, Stills, Pictures, Wallpapers - Vijay, Keerthy Suresh and Team (4)

Vijay 60 Images, Stills, Pictures, Wallpapers - Vijay, Keerthy Suresh and Team (5)

Vijay 60 Images, Stills, Pictures, Wallpapers - Vijay, Keerthy Suresh and Team (6)

Vijay 60 Images, Stills, Pictures, Wallpapers - Vijay, Keerthy Suresh and Team (7)

Vijay 60 Images, Stills, Pictures, Wallpapers - Vijay, Keerthy Suresh and Team (8)

Vijay, Keerthy Suresh, Sathish and team images are here. These are the images contains some fan made and shooting spot images. Banner and 1st look posters are available here. These should impress you without any doubt. Vijay appears with short hair and white dress. Beautiful darling Keerthy Suresh appeared as traditional Saree and Sathish appeared as good getup of these stills. We can’t wait for the film. Already Santhosh Narayanan started to do the music and song work. The film expected to release within the year.

This is the first time Thalapathy joined with Keerthi Suresh and Santhosh Narayanan. He did Azhagiya Tamil Magan with Director Bharathan  and Bharathan is also a dialogue writer of Mega blockbuster Ghilli. In Kathi, he acted with Sathish. This is the second time he joined with Sathish. Make the movie will definitely be a blockbuster. Let’s wait and watch.

Don’t forget to share these pictures with your friends. Stay tuned for more Vijay 60 – Bhairava aka Bairava – news and updates.



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  83. Upon reading my comment, most will presume i am some archetypal fan who favours a certain personality. For those who believe this, i am truly sad for their low IQ. While the other pocket full of people will find my lengthy comment sensible and worrying for Tamil Cinema.

    Firstly we shall talk about what is a good movie?:-

    – Any good movie is a balance of predominantly epic & gripping story, secondly with a relevant marrying plot which flows beautifully like melted chocolate on ice-cream, lastly a powerful charismatic screen presence, acting skills and deliverance from the lead actor, actress and supporting cast. With the combination of all three you have ultimately an awesome movie.

    – Having said that, it is not surprising to have those who appreciate good movies and those who are immature buyers. These immature bunch do not understand how to evaluate and appreciate a good movie or the acting skills, effort, screen presence and charisma of an actor or actress. These handful of individuals blind themselves and place a large invisible signboard on their forehead stating “MULE”. They tend to accept / embrace a garbage or a plain waste of time movie as an engaging movie treat.

    From understanding good movies, I shall move to explain why i started of with the list of mind triggering statements above??:-

    – For example, lets go with what a BRAND & PRODUCT is, followed by the connection both share for the payoff. A BRAND is a person’s gut feeling and opinion over the product and services which emerges through that particular BRAND. Every BRAND in common has a line up of least three top products. These products determine the opinion, reliability and global reach of that BRAND. Now, you might wonder what does all this BRAND bullshit and product line up got to do with great movies, talented acting and screen presence?


    I read in few Tamil Movie sites like Indiaglitz & Behindwoods claiming or questioning if SIVA KARTHIKAYAN, DHANUSH, VIJAY SETHUPATHI, even STR will follow the path of ILAYATHALAVALI VIJAY. Firstly please do not and i mean do not ever wish any young promising talent in Tamil Cinema should even glaze ILAYATHALAVALI VIJAY’S. We never want that to happen!!!!! It is very depressing that Tamil Cinema has an untalented products like VIJAY predominantly representing Tamil Cinema the BRAND!!. Now this is the worrying, depressing, mind boggling and utter bull crap which is sad for Tamil Cinema.

    When new to the industry or unheard of actors like Bobby Simha, Atharva, Vijay Sethupathi, Sivakarthikayan working hard on innovative subjects, challenging bold characters and delivering powerhouse performance with skills, you have VIJAY giving the same old rotten food in a new package everytime. Then you also have other long in the industry mid aged actors like Vikram, Ajith, Surya, Dhanush etc who caters something truly diversified all the time, digging out their talent in every movie they participate in. A small example, Dhanush. He is bringing Tamil cinema to such heights with national awards, best foreign film nominations, marking a name in Bollywood, proving Tamil actors can do wonders and recently possibly venturing with big names from Hollywood. Even Arun Vijay proved his skills in acting. “A” class performance in Yennai Arinthal, surpassing Vijay anytime. He performed an antagonist role most new villains wil do a revision on. These talents contribute to Tamil Cinema with so much passion and hard work which shows their presence and shine their acting skills and differently. These actors have the attitude of learning through mistakes or keeping the word improvement deep in their heart and mind. Even much newer showman such as Arya, Vishal, Jeeva, Bobby Simha & Siddarth differ from their usual circle. They test waters, putting blood sweat to prove themselves as “ACTORS, PERFORMERS and TALENTS in Tamil Cinema!!!”

    These guys have no large support from political background or parents or media influence. They are eager to mark a standing of their own. For example, Bobby Simha, Arya, Ajith and notably Siva Karthikayan who is doing it and made it with personal hard effort and blood sweat and tears only. Please people, do note that I am very proud and happy to be a Tamizhan despite born and raised in Malaysia. I love Tamil Cinema folks and never never and i mean it PEOPLE!!! never ever compare VIJAY with Rajni, Kamal, Sivaji or MGR. It is a disgrace and like spitting on our own face or selling our wives to become prostitutes!!

    Rajini gave us epic acting skills even in his first movie and worked hard in small roles and villainous roles to mark a position for himself. He got more claps and cheers while doing small secondary and villainous roles alongside big heroes. Real hardwork, talent, charisma and screen presence earned him the first ever hero role in Bhairavi. Vijay’s first 8 movies were equally noxious if compared to a pile of dog. Tamil Nadu had to put up with his failure dad’s torturous scripts over and over again. Well like father like son as most say. So what justice is it, to compare dog poop with gold? Rajini, upon earning the hero status went on giving hair raising screen presence and performance in Bhairavi, Ghayathri, Mullum Malarum, Thillu Mullu, Buvana Oru Kelvi Kuri, Raghavendra, 6-60, Thalapathi, Basha and i can go on and on with masterpieces for Tamil Cinema. He didn’t stop there, he made ample number of films in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and even a movie in English, making Tamil cinema recognizable to the whole world. Only because he was greatfull for the food Tamil Cinema gave him, today Tamil Cinema is in the worldwide podium because of him. Do note that he did it all with his own effort, hardwork, diversified roles, challenges and from rags to riches is what he became. Not with his dad spoon feeding him or buying the media, talking to directors, convincing his colleagues to help his son and naming his son Ilayathalapathy cause MK Stalin was Thalapathi in politics.

    Then you have Kamal who does not need listings or even introduction as he is the knowledge of acting, performance and effortless varieties. His raw talent made Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada envy him and got evryone eager to work with him and he too played a big role in placing Tamil cinema to such heights today equal or slightlybetter than Bollywood. U even have powerhouse talented actors like DHANUSH, VIKRAM, AJITH, SURYA, VIJAY SETHUPATHI etc who shows us, Bollywood and the Globe, what acting and screen presence is all about and it is something we can all carry proud on our shoulders as Tamizhan.

    Now you have VIJAY, giving us utter rubbish after rubbish after rubbish after rubbish. He is one actor who never has varieties, effort or screen presence which shines through acting in any of his movies. The ever same shit in a different toilet bowl all the time, month after month and year after year!! Honestly it irritates me to the point of exploding people. Analyze him in every bloody movie of his, he is not open to changes or innovation and doesn’t take risk. He thinks a movie is a Dance India Dance competition, and has a facial expression without any emotional differences and can never evoke exceptional screen presence. No one viewer, from the bottom of his or her heart with honest sensibility can claim and say, “VIJAY in this movie, WOOW MIND BLOWING PERFORMANCE”. This is because, he is potentially the worst actor living under his fathers guidance and support and influence which is a shame to Tamil Cinema!!. He is happy that his dad has cleared the pathway with connections and placed him in a speed lane to glory. This is done easily by targeting primarily the uneducated poor society of India. Its easy to fool these large percentage of people.

    We all know undeniably that Vijay only gave his best ever performance in Thullathamanamum Thullum and Kathalukku Mariyathai as an “ACTOR”. Even in these two movies, his performance and acting skills is just 50-60% compared to even new actors today. If we compared it without lame buyers attitude and low IQ level but instead evaluate from a good movie and good acting point of view, even simple movies like Saturanga Vettai, Jigarthanda, Soodhu Kavvum, Nanum Rowdy Than, Iraivi, Iruthi Suttru, Dharmadurai, Kadhalum Kadhanthu Pogum, Remo, Amma Kanaku, Kakka Mutai, Visarnai, 24, Yennai Arinthal, etc had epic acting skills, performance and effort from the leads of the movie. Then you have memorable movies like Paruthiverran, Naan Kadavul, Mangatha, Sethu, recent movies like “I” & Kabali to shelf as collectors guide to acting and plot. Not to mention, some of the older masterpiece like Nanda, Khaka khaka, Rakhta Charitaram. Aadukalam and “3” which had showmanship, effort, charisma and true acting skills from the actors.

    I can go on and on and on with the list movies from other actors to compare to Vijay’s garbage after garbage but i shall end my statement with one sentence: “You Tamizhan ask yourself honestly if you claim the product VIJAY is even worth being in the proud line-up of Tamil Cinema as a “BRAND”. Vijay should stop with the mindset of “Oh I have everything I intended, plus alot of media support and other sources backing me up, cause my dad made the connections rite. Hence I shall make cash for producers, directors and I get my big salary and evryone’s happy”. Vijay and other leading names should have the flame to bring Tamil cinema to the global status. Because the sad truth is, both Rajini & Kamal wont be around forever. When they are gone, which Hindi, Urdu, Kannada, Bengali speaking society is going to know Tamil Cinema?? My friend’s parents are from Uthra Pradesh (North). I did ask if they watch Tamil movies, they clearly state Rajini movies mainly and some Kamal movies and they are amazed and crazy over Rajini. When I asked about Vijay, Ajith etc, none have a clue of who I am talking about. This is the face of our future Tamil Cinema guys! JOKE!!! We are blessed to have Rajini & Kamal and today Indian Cinema is where it is, solely cause of these two legends PERIOD! When in the history of Indian cinema you got Bollywood A-listers (“Heroes”) yearning to play second lead or antagonist roles in a Tamil movie? When in the history of Indian cinema you got legends and kings of Bollywood becoming a child like fan towards a Tamil star? We can proudly say Akshay is thankful to get a antagonist role in Rajini’s 2.0. Even Salman is eager to get a role in Rajini’s movie. And sure we can be proud that the King Khan’s of Bollywood become child like fan’s standing next to the Demi God of Indian Cinema RAJINIKANTH!

    Vijay needs to attend acting class and create a stand out screen presence plus charisma which i doubt he will ever attain. Variants of emotion in scenes and predominantly innovation is something he is alien to. And please stop dying to be the next Rajini. Remember, Rajini didn’t want to become the next MGR, he wanted to become the first ever Rajini! And he did it with electrifying performance after performance in all language’s and in different stories and plot. No one can be Rajini, when God created Rajini, he destroyed the mold.

    I am not sure if you will ever read this Vijay, but if you ever do, remember that acting is your job and in a movie it is primarily about acting and performance as an actor, not a dancer, or being a potential clown. Using religious scenes, thriving in poverty sentiments and jumping like a mad ape in an opening song (NA ADICHA THANGEHMATEH….) will not make you a great actor but a laughing stock and for sure many intelligent people will see you as a mentally challenged individual.

    It is a known and acceptable fact that you are working for the money and it is perfectly fine as no one works free, but remember that the money you profit is from the public and they source the money with their body and blood sweat daily. Do some justice for them dude, if your main stream goal is to act till you retire than for god sake ACT!!!!, or take the best ever step in life and just call it QUITS to cinema cause trust me within no time, none would even bother u exist.

    In the other hand, if you like fame and power and greedy for a global star stature position, with all the money you have, be honorable enough to invest your hardwork and just get into politics. Least you can truly do good for the poor, needed and entire south India in a legit and earn true blessings.

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